GeoTerra uses the Optech Galaxy T2000 as our primary Lidar sensor system. With a 2-MHz collection rate, the Galaxy provides versatility, accuracy, and overall quality at an efficient cost.


GeoTerra is a leader in Photogrammetric technology. Precision mapping starts with acquisition of high-quality large-format imagery, flown with Airborne GNSS, IMU, and gyro-stablized mounts.

Orthophoto Imagery

We utilize Trimble Inpho photogrammetric software for precision orthophotography. GeoTerra regularly produces large-coverage areas at high resolution for municipal and county cooperatives.


GeoTerra is an ESRI Business Partner and uses the full suite of ArcGIS products for mapping and analysis. We bring an increasing level of quality control using ESRI GIS software.


CAD products are critical to supporting planning and engineering tasks.

GPS Surveying

GeoTerra utilizes the Leica GS18i survey-grade GNSS RTK Rover GPS, with visual positioning capability for the latest in GPS collection technology.