Multiple systems are available with average point spacing capability to sub meter densities. Data sets are often photogrammetrically edited and quality controlled in our Eugene, Oregon office.

GeoTerra continues to grow LiDAR capability with multiple state-of-the-art LiDAR systems, deployable on fixed-wing aircraft or in helicopters. High power, high point density capability for wide area or corridor related work.  Excellent value based systems for all types of terrain to include mountainous forested areas, power lines, or high accuracy road and rail corridors. 

GeoTerra edits and verifies LiDAR data sets in 3D image stereo workstations, combining the advantages of both LiDAR and photogrammetry, for delivery of one integrated data set.  Our production systems give us the ability to view in 3D the full LiDAR point cloud with tools for point cloud editing and classification of features.  Few LiDAR firms utilize this unique capability due to the more restrictive pre-packaged processes available.     

Our methodology provides an excellent system for development of LiDAR derived terrain break lines and collection of feature data sets when required. 

Capable of collecting LiDAR point clouds with ground point accuracy of better than one-tenth of a foot (0.10’ or better.) 

  • High Density Data Collection
  • Low Altitude – High Accuracy
  • Versatile and Cost Effective
  • Full Color Orthophotography

GeoTerra is dedicated to providing cutting-edge mapping services to public and private sector clients.  Our program is based on experienced and knowledgeable professionals working with state-of-the-art software and hardware in a multi-disciplinary environment.

  • Multiple Mobilization points
  • Multiple aircraft
  • Fixed-wing or Helicopter
  • Stereo / 3D QC and Editing