GeoTerra, Inc. is a full service aerial mapping, LiDAR, and GIS company providing a wide range of products to include: aerial imagery acquisition, feature data collection, digital terrain modeling, contours, TIN surfaces, orthophotography, LiDAR, and GIS services.

The Mapping Division focuses its efforts on geospatial services such as LiDAR, Photogrammetry, GPS control networks, feature data collection, terrain modeling, contour development, orthophoto generation, LiDAR data processing & integration, along with Geographic Information Systems (GIS.)

The Mapping Division supports clients throughout the United States and is on the cutting edge for utilization of LiDAR in a 3D-stereo environment, photogrammetric point clouds, 4-band orthophoto imagery, and automated processing for aerial triangulation.


GeoTerra is a premier provider of aerial acquisition services in the Western United States. Our staff is very experienced in the tasks required by a wide range of government and private entity clients. We are at the forefront of technology, utilizing mapping grade digital cameras as well as the most current aerial LiDAR sensors. Our aerial support staff is well versed in customer service, flight planning (modifying customer based plans or creating new plans), film and digital processing, editing, lettering, contact printing, scanning, and custom printing.


3Di traces its history back to 1949 when H.G. Chickering opened an office in Eugene, Oregon as one of the first photogrammetric mapping companies in the Western United States.  Bergman Photographic Services, the Northwest's premier aerial photography company, provided the region with quality aerial imaging services for over 39 years.

In 2014, 3Di merged with BPS of Portland, Oregon and are now known collectively as GeoTerra, Inc.  Together as GeoTerra, we offer full mapping, LiDAR, and GIS support services, utilizing the latest in software, equipment, and techniques to achieve success. Our Aerial Operations Division provides high accuracy aerial services, digital image processing and photo lab products. We are proud to offer the latest in digital imaging technology, with both our Microsoft UltraCam Xp and our recently acquired a Microsoft UltraCam FalconP.  LiDAR collection is made with our 2018 Optech Galaxy Prime sensor, providing the most current technology for versatility and accuracy over a wide range of project types.

Our three (3) aircraft are based at Aurora, Oregon, a full service instrument approach airport only a short drive from our Portland office. All aircraft are equipped with GPS systems to guide the track accurately and offer services such as triggering, data logging, IMU and Airborne Control. With our range of aircraft and multiple aerial sensor options we can routinely offer photo scales and sensor types to cover virtually any need.