GeoTerra, Inc. is a full service aerial mapping company, utilizing photogrammetry, LiDAR, and GIS to provide a wide range of products to include: aerial imagery, feature data collection, digital terrain modeling, contours, TIN surfaces, orthophotography, LiDAR, Survey Photo Control, and Geographic Information Services (GIS).

Mapping by GeoTerra supports engineering, planning, and analysis for some of the following sectors:
    ■ Energy / Power
    ■ Environmental
    ■ Transportation
    ■ Water Resources
    ■ Land Development
    ■ Site / Infrastructure
    ■ Federal / State / Local Government



Multiple systems are available with average point spacing capability to sub meter densities. Data sets are often photogrammetrically edited and quality controlled in our Eugene, Oregon office.

GeoTerra continues to grow LiDAR capability with multiple state-of-the-art LiDAR systems, deployable on fixed-wing aircraft or in helicopters. High power, high point density capability for wide area or corridor related work.  Excellent value based systems for all types of terrain to include mountainous forested areas, power lines, or high accuracy road and rail corridors. 


Feature Mapping

Utilizing stereo photography, we can collect all visible and identifiable features, placing each one on the applicable layer or coverage.  Feature categories such as transportation, vegetation, utilities, structures and hydrology form the basis for many GIS base maps.

Digital Orthophotography

Essentially an image map, the digital orthophoto provides immense detail and accuracy within a two-dimensional raster environment.  They can be used as drawing backgrounds, for project layout, and even heads-up digitizing.


Contour and DTM

Using photogrammetric means, skilled technicians map the terrain surface in 3 dimensions, delivering highly accurate contour data and digital terrain models.


Maps should not sit on a shelf or in a cabinet. Our staff will assist clients in their move towards a practical and economical Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Most of our products are created for both engineering and general GIS functionality. We utilize GIS products from ESRI.


Digital terrain modeling to determine volumes in piles or areas; usually performed 1 to 12 times per year on the same site to compare results on a periodic basis.  Examples include landfills, ore piles, chip piles, and quarry sites.

GPS Data Collection