Historical Photography

We maintain a large collection of aerial images and have knowledge of and access to several private and governmental archives. Photo requests from 1937 to the present in the Portland metro area and many other locations in Oregon and SW Washington can be fulfilled in a rapid and cost effective manner. Our experts are available via telephone, fax or email to help you find and order appropriate images.

With our internal photo lab and scanning services, we are able to deliver printed or digitized products to fit your schedule, budget and needs.

Our image files are organized by source and sub categorized by year. Many of these images are in a digital form on our servers and can be accessed instantly for final configuration and delivery. Others are on original rolls of film in our vault and can be quickly scanned or printed to fulfill your order. Some of the indexes are of images stored in off site archives where we can retrieve the film or download the images on your behalf. This allows you to use our facility for “one stop shopping” where we can tap into virtually all the photography available for our service area and keep your products uniform.

Many of these images are useful for change detection, site development history, boundary issues and other scientific or legal purposes. Some are interesting for visual or artistic pieces, perhaps to show what your property looked like in years past. We have mosaic images of many cities and general décor photographs available that can be enlarged to wall size displays for use in a meeting room or office setting.