Digital Imaging

Microsoft/Vexcel Imaging UltraCam Xp

Our largest footprint digital sensor is a Microsoft/Vexcel UltraCamXp. This camera captures an image footprint 17,310 pixels wide, allowing more efficient coverage. A NovaTel SPAN-SE GPS/IMU enables automated high accuracy map generation.  The new suite of UltarMap processing software provides excellent color balanced images for small or large projects with a rapid turn around. BPS offers ground sample (GSD) sizes from 1.8 cm to 45 cm pixels.



Microsoft UltraCam Falcon P

Our most recent sensor acquisition is an UltraCam Falcon Prime digital photogrammetric camera system.  This 3rd generation aerial mapping camera has an 11,310 pixel width in a self-contained single unit form.  Solid state electronics within a smaller footprint allow us to quickly install this sensor in any aircraft in our fleet, depending on the mission specifications.  


Multiple systems are available with average point spacing capability to sub meter densities.  Data sets are often photogrammetrically edited and quality controlled in our Eugene, Oregon office.