Our versatile fleet of aircraft are based in Aurora, Oregon, a full service instrument approach airport only a short drive from our main office in Portland, Oregon. We have aircraft to match missions ranging from low obliques and large scale mapping to high altitude and high speed for small scale and long line projects. Matching the appropriate aircraft to the mission optimizes efficiency while the overlapping capabilities contribute to mechanical redundancy and the ability to double up on large projects.

Each GeoTerra aircraft has unique qualities that best suit certain missions. Our Cessna 180 is ideal for low, tight flights that require slow airspeeds and maneuverability. It is versatile enough to work up to 18,000 feet, but we usually move medium to high level projects to our Cessna T210 or Twin Cessna 310 where we are able to increase speeds and still maintain high photo quality. The T210 can work at altitudes up to 29,000 feet and is a very stable platform. The 310 is also turbocharged for altitude capabilities up to 25,000 feet, but boasts a larger cabin and slightly higher speeds. 

GeoTerra, in cooperation with Precision Helicopters, offers the only FAA-approved vertical mapping platform for low altitude mapping photography (LAMP) in the Northwest. 

Current Aircraft

Cessna T210N
Vertical Aerials to 29,000', (Piston Turbocharged)
GPS/IMU Control Projects, Oblique (M.F.)

Cessna 180A

Vertical Aerials to 15,000', (Piston Normally Aspirated)
Oblique (9x9 Hard Mount, M.F.)
GPS Control Projects, Very Low Projects

Cessna 310C Riley

Vertical Aerials to 22,000', (Piston Turbonormalized)
GPS Control Projects